Financial and economic profit in agriculture.

Financial and economic profit in agriculture.
one year ago

Agriculture is one of the oldest profession in the world, even so the majority of farmers have very little clue about doing business.

Consumers on other hands happily pay upward of 100 times more for a 15 minutes celebrity chef care, paying little attention to person who works in the field caring for the crop for months.

Economic profit is on macro scale, to do the business, is it profitable, competitions, alternative produce, seasonal demands, price fluctuation determines the attractiveness to start a business.

Most farmers starts of with the goal having the slice of that profits, by starting their own farms. At least that how I got started. Now once we have a farm, that farm will hopefully turn profitable.. this is the financial or accounting profit.

To minimize the gap between economic and financial profit requires a lot of management skills and well, luck, agriculture is unique that it depends on biological creatures, crops or livestock or whatever.

Knowing where to look, when to slacken off, or where to invest your scarce resource it's not something you do in excel spreadsheet.

TropikaAG was developed to minimize the gap between these 2 profits, and its FREE for every farmers. Maybe we all could learn a thing or 2 from each others. We're building some AI and ML stuff too.